Detox and reset program

Let us at Total Health Brookvale help you achieve your health and fitness goals for 2018!


Start the year with our ‘Detox and Reset’ Program. A four week individualised program that will help you take charge of your health and fitness goals for 2018 as well as help you improve your energy as you gently detox your body by eating real food and get your body moving with a commitment to regular exercise.


This program is right for your if you are wanting to address any of the following:

  • Increase your energy and eliminate fatigue and brain fog
  • Improve your digestion, eliminate bloating and increase your absorption of nutrients
  • Gently detox your body through eating real foods and a diet that works for you
  • Get better sleep and allow your body to rest and recharge properly
  • Improve your immunity so you don’t get sick as often
  • Address specific chronic health concerns that are impacting your quality of life
  • Prepare to fall pregnant and want your health and hormones to be optimal so as to give you the best possible chance
  • Improve your mood, memory and concentration
  • Just feel you need some direction with your health and wellness


Our experienced practitioners will tailor a program to your needs based on an individual health assessment, and weekly treatments throughout the program will help keep you on track and committed.


The ‘Detox and Reset’ Program starts on Monday 5th February with an initial health assessment the week prior.


What’s included? Five weekly treatments sessions as outlined below:


  • Pre-program Assessment: A one hour initial health assessment with either Sarah Woolner, our Naturopath or Sally Gole, our Acupuncturist, to discuss your health and fitness goals and to determine the best diet and lifestyle shifts to help you achieve these goals. This initial appointment will be held the week prior to the program commencement date so that you can start planning and will be based on a detailed health questionnaire that you will complete that will determine your exact detoxification requirements.


  • Week One: Your choice of a one hour massage, an acupuncture treatment or a chiropractic appointment. All treatments are aimed at supporting your body through the detox and cleanse process as well as treating any specific health issues.


  • Week Two: A follow up appointment with either Sarah or Sally to track your progress and finalise your program requirements and supplements for the final two weeks. This will include further diet and lifestyle advice as well any supplement changes required as you move from the initial ‘cleanse’ part of the program into the specific detox segment.


  • Week Three and Four: As per Week One it is your choice of a one hour massage, an acupuncture treatment or a chiropractic appointment.


What investment is required? The cost of the ‘Detox and Reset’ program including the five treatment sessions as outlined above is $480. Please note that depending on your health fund you may be entitled to rebates on some or all of your treatment sessions.


Please also allow around $200 for supplements as determined by your individualised needs during the Pre-Program Health Assessment.


How do I join the program? Give us a call on 9907 3339 or send us an email on to book in for the program.


On signing up for the program you can pay the total amount up front and receive a $30 discount, bringing the total cost of the program down to $450.


However, If you would like to split the cost of the program across two payments we can send you a credit card authorisation form and the initial payment of $240 will be made on signing up for the program and the final $240 will be deducted on Monday 12th February.

Sally Gole                                                                                 Sarah Woolner
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine                                    Naturopathy


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