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Dr Wendy Windsham

BChiro Sc MChiro CAcup


  • Chiropractic family care
  • Paediatric chiropractic
  • Baby cranial release
  • Acupuncture

Originally from Queensland, Wendy has established herself as a well respected family oriented chiropractor here on the Northern Beaches since 2006. Wendy brings her experience and enthusiasm to Total Health with a special interest in children and families, and maintains a strong commitment to health and wellbeing. Wendy is constantly attending a multitude of seminars to advance her knowledge of different chiropractic techniques and Paediatric care.  Wendy completed a three year Bachelor of Chiropractic degree followed by a two year Master of Chiropractic. Wendy has also completed further education in Acupuncture to compliment her chiropractic treatment.

Wendy grew up far from the Northern Beaches bubble, on a sugar cane farm in North Queensland, moving to Sydney to undertake her Chiropractic studies.

Outside of work, Wendy is a busy mum of 3 boys. She spends her free time at the gym or hiking outdoors with her family.

Dr. Wendy Windsham
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